Readout Integrated Circuits

TUMSIS has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of readout electronic circuits (ROIC) for photovoltaic infrared detectors. We have successfully completed many projects and we are holding innovative patents regarding this area. Main focus of TUMSIS is designing ROIC of hybrid focal plane arrays. TUMSIS is capable of designing ROIC, that is operated in both room and cryogenic temperatures, for all infrared bands (NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and VLWIR). TUMSIS always applies to its performance oriented patented ideas to ROIC designs in order to provide competitive products. More Information


Radiation Hard IC Design
  • TUMSIS is developing radiadition hard/tolerant standard cell libraries for chosen process, hence makes this process eligible for radiation hard demanding applications.
  • TUMSIS designs radiation hard custom ASICs by using similar techniques used in radiation hard standard cell development. Previously developed standard cells can also be utilized in these ASICs.
  • TUMSIS is developing radhard CMOS image sensors for sattellite applications.
  • TUMSIS also looks for new techniques for radiation hard IC design, especially for satellite applications and avionics.
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High Frequency IC Design

TUMSIS has more than 10 years of experience in the area of radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design. The main focus is on the design of high-performance RFICs using SiGe BiCMOS technologies and RF-MEMS. We have successfully completed several projects at different frequency bands such as S-, X- and K-band; targeting various applications such as WLAN, UWB communications, bio-transmitters and phased arrays.

TUMSIS also actively working on custom CMOS image sensor designs for medical, industrial, defemce and space applications by applying its vision of developing innovative products. More Information


Biosensor Technologies

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